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UV Smooth Prime Quart

Smooth Prime is a great primer for fiberglass and gel coat. Sands great! Fills pinholes!



Free Info

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HVLP Spray Gun



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Invisible Gloves

Invisible Gloves...okay...they're invisible you can't see them. Actually it's a barrier cream for your skin. It protects against harsh chemicals such as MEK or Skydrol for up to four hours. It's a Mil-Spec product and highly recommended before handling anything harsher than water. By the way, it comes off with soap and water. Perfect product for working on greasy or carbon covered pieces also. Buy one for the hangar and one for the garage!



Poly Fiber Manual - Hard Copy

Poly Fiber Full Scale Manual




Superfil, lightweight epoxy filler



Flattener pint



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Polyester Padding

"Polyester padding, non-woven 48""Wide"



Poly Fiber Reducer RR8500 quart

Poly Fiber Reducer RR8500



Paint Cleaning Solvent C-2210 - Quart

A mild blend formulated to remove oil, silicone, wax, and other contaminants from all painted or primed surfaces without biting into or damaging the coating.



EP-420 Primer, Green or White 2-1/2 quart kit

"EP-420 Primer, Green or White 2-1/2 quart kit"



Infrared Thermometer

The Pro Exotics PE-1 Infrared Temp Gun is a great basic unit at $25. It is our most affordable Temp Gun, yet it maintains the same great accuracy and durability of more expensive units. With a range of -27F to +428F (easily switchable to -33C to +220C) and MAX/MIN/LOCK modes, the PE-1 will meet the needs of 95% of users, professionals and hobbyists alike. The PE-1 unit comes preset with a default emissivity setting of 95E. Whether shooting fabric covering irons, engine temperatures, food prep temperatures, or animal basking temperatures, the PE-1 is a terrific and reliable Temp Gun at an amazingly affordable price! (includes wrist strap! WOW!)


EAA Covering Video

This two-hour comprehensive video presents every aspect of the Poly-Fiber fabric covering process in detail and in easy-to-understand language. From preparing the airplane for covering to spraying on the colors, you are guided step-by-step through the entire process by a professional EAA SportAir fabric instructor. Information covers: Preparing surfaces, attaching the fabric, tightening the fabric, applying the first coat of Poly-Brush, tying rib-lacing knots, applying finishing tapes, spraying Poly-Spray, and applying the color coats. When used in conjunction with the Poly-Fiber manual, this video removes the mystery surrounding this important process in the construction or restoration of your airplane! Just $39.95 plus shipping and handling. NOTE: Also, now available on DVD!


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