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Invisible Gloves

Price: $10.00

Now you can download our popular Stits covering & painting system instructional video (for model scale), with lots of great technical information for using the system on any project.

Invisible Gloves...okay...they're invisible you can't see them. Actually it's a barrier cream for your skin. It protects against harsh chemicals such as MEK or Skydrol for up to four hours. It's a Mil-Spec product and highly recommended before handling anything harsher than water. By the way, it comes off with soap and water. Perfect product for working on greasy or carbon covered pieces also. Buy one for the hangar and one for the garage!

These "gloves" will protect you for up to 4 hours from chemicals as harsh as Methyl Ethyl Ketone. There are 1000 applications of the "Invisible Gloves" per container. This product is a mil spec certified product and highly recommended when working with anything from epoxies to harsh chemicals. Try it! You'll love it!

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