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Popular Colors by Manufacturer

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These are original colors for these aircraft as sold by Poly Fiber to full scale restorers and builders.
How accurate do you want to be?

J-3 Cub

146 J-3 OEM Yellow (Post War)

144 Piper Yellow (Pre War)


189 Madrid Red

131 Diana Creme


146 J-3 OEM Yellow

120 Daytona White

190 Tennessee Red

195 Santa Fe Red


120 Daytona White

190 Tennessee Red

154 Montego Green

YO-59(Aeronca Defender), L4a, L4h, L4j, L2

212 semi (AO) Oak Green 212A (PT) FED#34087 Federal Green

190 FED#11136 Tennessee Red

176 FED#15044 Insignia Blue

117 FED#17038 Glacier White

213A FED#36231 Blue-Gray


213A FED#36231 Blue Gray

208 FED#24064 Olive Drab

Fairchild PT-19-23-26

220 Nevada Silver

173 FED#15102 AN Blue-Army

140 FED#13533 Orange Yellow-Navy

139 FED#33538 Federal Yellow

190 FED#11136 Tenn Red

176 FED#15044 Blue on rudder

117 FED#17038 Glacier White

Aeronca 7AC

183 International Orange

240 Champion Yellow


197 Stinson Maroon

Stinbson Tan

176 Insignia Blue FED#15044

140 Orange Yellow FED#13533

125 Tucson Creme

Gilmore Racer

120 Daytona White

187 Eagle Red

Boeing Stearman

220 Nevada Silver

173 FED#15012 AN Blue (Army)

140 FED#13538 Orange Yellow (Navy)

139 FED#33533 Federal Yellow

190 FED#11136 Tennessee Red

176 FED#15044 Insignia Blue

117 FED#36231 Glacier White

208 FED#24064 Olive Drab

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