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Now you can order our popular Stits covering & painting system instructional video (for model scale), and download an MP4 file as soon as you finish your check-out in the shopping cart.

Dedicated to quality aircraft covering and paints, Ray Stits invented this product for the Homebuilder, Classic Restorer, and Military buff. Poly Fiber continues Ray's tradition of supplying quality paints and covering to the Expereimental Aircraft Association and its members and F&M Enterprises is proud to be a dealer for Poly Fiber Inc.

We have all seen one model that stands out in our memory as the perfect model. My personal favorites are the fabric covered ones such as the Waco, Stearman, Taylorcraft, and the ever loving Cubs. After spending most of my life at the speed of sound, I like to slow down when I have the chance.  

Whenever we see those museum pieces on the flying field the first question that comes to mind is usually, "how did you get such a beautiful covering job". The answer is a combination of materials, techniques, and experience. We will try to provide a few answers about the polyester method and hopefully answer a few questions in the following article.  

What we don't want to do in modeling is re-invent the wheel, or re-invent what the full scale builders have known for more than half a century. Why use 30 year old technology? Because it works and works well! It has been improved upon by experts until it does the job we want without fail.  

What we will discuss here is a process invented by EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) hall of famer Ray Stits. It is sometimes referred to as the Stits process or more recently as the "Poly-Fiber" build up process. The Poly-Fiber build up process is a polyester process and chemically bonds until you have a unitized layer when you finish. It doesn't matter if we are talking about the first layer of Poly-Brush or the last layer of Poly-Tone. They all bond together.  This process is a quality replacement for the classic Dope and Fabric techniques of the past.  It's faster, stronger, and easier. 

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