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Stits Poly-Fiber Fabric Covering System

Now you can order our popular Stits covering & painting system instructional video (for model scale), and download an MP4 file as soon as you finish your check-out in the shopping cart.

Special Offer: Free when you order $199 or more, use this Coupon code (VIDEO-4) in your shopping cart or purchase it now for only $9.95.

It's A Complete System -- No More Shopping Around!

When you cover your R/C model with Stits Lite, you get everything you need. All the materials premixed and ready to paint only from F&M Enterprises.

The Best Manual in the Business!

135 pages of step-by-step instruction, helpful photos, great nostalgic cartoons, extra words of wisdom, and a delightful sense of humor. And we've included our entire catalog of products, everything from fabrics to stirring paddles. This is the bible for full scale restorations and classics. Available soon for R/C models too!

You'll Like Our Aggressive Factory Support!

We have a contact page  for Technical Support or you can call us 8:00am to 5:00pm central time. We're in the middle of the nation, please take that into consideration. We're centrally located to help both coasts!

We Attend Major Trade Shows Nationwide.

Throughout the US we conduct how-to workshops at the major trade shows demonstrating hints and tips to improve your painting techniques.

There's An Instructional Video.

This two-hour video, hosted by Ray Stits himself,(OOPS..that video has been replaced by the EAA with an easier to understand version) shows every step of the Poly-Fiber system covering a full scale Cub. What better way to learn scale. A video specific to models is available online at our secure online order site..

If your hobby shop doesn't stock it, let us know and we will send them an information package.

"Why should I use the Stits Lite/Poly-Fiber process?"

  1. Poly-Fiber is the only all-VINYL system on the market today. As it dries, it bonds extremely well to today's polyester fabrics and remains flexible.
  2. Poly-Fiber is fuel proof.
  3. Poly-Fiber is one of the lightest systems available. Only five coats are used. There are lighter options, too.
  4. Poly-Fiber is the most repairable of all systems available today, and the repairs are as strong as the original.
  5. It has over 30 years of success as the Stits Poly-Fiber system. Many original FULL SCALE jobs done 30 years ago are still going strong.
  6. Poly-Fiber is not particularly sensitive to heat, cold, or humidity during application or throughout its service life.
  7. Poly-Fiber has options for every aircraft from a radio controlled model to a simple ultralight to the most sophisticated warbird.

"What will it cost to cover my airplane?"

  1. Quarter Scale Cub-size airplanes usually run about $125 to $250.
  2. A 1/3 scale Stearman will run about $250.
  3. An ultralight may cost as little as $500 to $1000.

"Is Stits Lite/Poly-Fiber more expensive than other systems?"

No, they all cost about the same! Although dope costs less per can than Poly-Fiber, you use twice as much dope as Poly-Fiber. Price them out for yourself. You'll find they pretty much even out. Epoxies on the other hand are much more expensive.

"How many steps are there?"

There are just five basic steps:

  1. Glue on the fabric with our Poly-Tak fabric cement; tighten it with the heat of a calibrated covering iron.
  2. Spray on a coat of Poly-Brush fabric sealer.
  3. (Optional) Apply Finishing (Pinked) tapes if desired with more Poly-Brush.
  4. Spray on one more coat of Poly-Brush.
  5. Spray on one coat of silver Poly-Spray to block ultraviolet radiation and the light from coming through the airframe.
  6. Spray on two coats of top coat paint, either Poly-Tone or Aero-Thane.

"That's five coats. How much does that weigh?"

Surprising little. It depends on your painting abilities but, Warren Cross, President of QSAA, painted a 1/3 scale Extra 300 and only added 16 ounces to the airframe.

"Can I use automotive paint over a Poly-Fiber base?"

We really strongly discourage that idea. Over the years, automotive paints, even the ones with flex agents, crack when used over fabric. We sell two paint systems: Poly-Tone, a repairable semi-gloss paint that can be buffed to a nice satin sheen (we offer a high gloss clear coat in Poly Tone); and Aero-Thane, a high-gloss "wet-look" polyurethane. Both are specially formulated to flex with the fabric and resist cracking for years. Your automotive paint may look great when you first put it on, but you'll hate yourself later when it starts falling off.

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