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Crew Member - Decathlon

Doug Crumley

1/4 Decathlon

Naturally this model is covered with Scale Stits Covering!

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Now you can order our popular Stits covering & painting system instructional video (for model scale), and download an MP4 file as soon as you finish your check-out in the shopping cart.

This beautiful 1/4 scale Decathlon was built by Scale Masters competitor Doug Crumley. Doug should have been the first "Crewmember" posted as he was the first to compete in the Scale Masters using our product. This is a Pilot kit and very difficult to find. Doug will be campaigning the Decathlon again shortly in a new and improved version.

The Decathlon is powered by an O.S. FT160 four-cycle twin engine and sounds EXACTLY like the real thing!

Here's a quote from Doug: "On these complex paint schemes there is always a great deal of masking involved in the paint process, even more so, since I prefer to mask and paint all my stripes, markings, and insignia. Using Stits really speeds up the process since I know that I can mask over a surface that I just sprayed a half-hour earlier and never have to worry that the paint will lift or peel when the tape comes off." Doug.

Dougs beautiful daughter graced the cover of a popular model magazine with his Decathlon in 1994. As promised, here is the photo of Dougs beautiful daughter, oh there's an airplane too.

By the way, Doug's daughter will be entering college soon. It's an old photo. Doug was one of our very earliest customers and has remained loyal. Thanks Doug!

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