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Crew Member - 1/4 Scale Spirit of Saint Louis

Nick Ziroli

1/4 Scale Spirit of Saint Louis

Naturally this model is covered with Scale Stits Covering!

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Spirit of Saint Louis

Now you can order our popular Stits covering & painting system instructional video (for model scale), and download an MP4 file as soon as you finish your check-out in the shopping cart.

This "Spirit of 98" was at the Robart Booth during the trade show season. Nick has a photo of the model flying at Rheinbeck that looks EXACTLY like Lucky Lindy taking off on that rainy morning in New York. This model is covered with Poly Fiber and painted with Stits Lite and has authentic stitching and finishing tapes. Another great Ziroli model painted in Stits!

Nick is now campaigning a Stagerwing Beach also covered and painted in Stits Lite!

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