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Crew Member - Stinger 120 by Lanier

Nigel Caruthers

Stinger 120 by Lanier

Naturally this model is covered with Scale Stits Covering!

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Stinger 120

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This Stinger 120 was built by Nigel Caruthers and highlights the fact the Stits Lite process isn't just for Scale. The wings and fuselage are covered with Poly Fiber then sprayed with FC-900. The paint is Poly Tone Bahama Blue and Insignia White. The Stinger is powered by am O.S. 160 twin and sounds great in the air. The landing gear is custom made by Bill Coster of Lake Havasu City Arizona is is completely carbon fiber and epoxy. It has very little bounce to it. The model lands like it's on a feather bed.

It also carries an Aerial Dynamics fuel sensor aboard for accurate fuel measurement.

Of course it's painted with Stits Lite.

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