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Aircraft Wing Mask

Enamel - Gal.

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Now you can download our popular Stits covering & painting system instructional video (for model scale), with lots of great technical information for using the system on any project.

Poly-Fiber Enamel is a one-part, air-drying alkyd enamel coating available in 50 colors to match Poly-Tone and Aero-Thane. It air dries to a high gloss similar to Aero- Thane polyurethane, but it is not as chemically resistant.

If You Don’t Want to Use Poly-Tone Over Metal, Then What?

Use Either Poly-Fiber Enamel, Aero-Thane, or Ranthane

Poly-Fiber Enamel is a one-part, air-drying alkyd enamel coating available in 50 colors to match Poly-Tone and Aero-Thane. It air dries to a high gloss similar to our Aero-Thane polyurethane, but is not as chemically resistant as Aero-Thane. Intended as a topcoat paint over metal or composite surfaces that have been primed with EP-420 Epoxy Primer. Do not use Enamel over fabric or on structures that will be covered with fabric cemented with Poly-Tak adhesive. Poly-Tak will lift enamel.


SURFACE PREPARATION: Surface must be dry and free of oil, dirt, wax, grease, and silicone. Contamination may cause fisheyes and craters. Remove oil, wax, grease, and fingerprints with C-2210 Paint Surface Cleaner. Remove silicone residue from polish with 310 Alkaline Cleaner diluted with 20 parts water. Epoxy primer aged over two days should be lightly scuff-sanded with Scotch-Brite Pads or 320-grit wet-or-dry sandpaper to provide tooth adhesion. Allow C-2210 to dry at least 30 minutes; then wipe surfaces lightly with a clean tack rag immediately prior to painting. Any surface irregularities, heavy sanding scratches, or dust particles may be telegraphed thru the high gloss finish. Freshly painted surfaces should be protected from dust and insects until dust free (about 40 minutes).

ENAMEL PREPARATION: Pigments may hard settle after three months storage. We recommend inverting the can every 30 days to avoid pigment compaction. Pigments hard settled in extended storage should be dislodged from the bottom with a tool, then dispersed thoroughly by agitating with a double- action paint shaker for 15 minutes minimum. Filter thru our Poly-Fiber 60x48 paint filter cone before using.

SPRAYING & THINNING ENAMEL: Apply with a spray gun. For Best results apply over EP-420 White Epoxy Primer. Enamel may react with one-part primers like zinc chromate. Enamel is normally a slow-drying paint that can remain tacky for long periods in high humidity. For best results, spray two to three coats twenty minutes to an hour apart.

CAUTION: All coats should be sprayed on the same day, and then set aside to dry. Enamel is an alkyd resin developed with 1930s technology. Unlike todays polyurethane or acrylic paints, delays beween coats can result in wrinkling of the surface. This most often occurs when a heavy coat is sprayed over earlier applications. For best results, spray two or three coats in one day, and consider the job complete. Trim colors of enamel can be applied over a dried enamel base color, but you must wait at least a week and apply trim in light coats, only enough to get the job done. Flooding enamel over enamel will always result in wrinking.

FLATTENING: For semi-gloss (to match Poly-Tone), mix 1 part Poly- Fiber Flattener with 4 parts Enamel. For full flat, mix 1 part Poly-Fiber Flattener with 2 parts Enamel.

COVERAGE: One gallon of Enamel will cover approximately 200 sq ft with one coat.

COLOR SEQUENCE: Apply light colors first and overcoat with darker trim colors. All pigments are non-bleeding. DRYING TIME: Dust free in 60 minutes. Allow 24 hours drying before using masking tape. All drying times are given at 70F. and 50% relative humidity and must be compensated accordingly.

APPLICATION: Shake well and filter. Spray three coats for coverage. Allow 1 hour drying time between coats.

FINISH MAINTENANCE: Wash surface with 310 Alkaline Cleaner diluted with 20 parts water. Wax with 100% carnauba wax.

SHELF LIFE: Guaranteed four years unopened in protected storage. Avoid long-range storage above 100F. Not affected by freezing.

PACKAGING: One-quart and one gallon cans.

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