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Randolph Ranthane - Qt

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Use: Ranthane is a high-solids, flexible two-part polyurethane that is FAA approved for use on Ceconite fabric. Other polyurethanes are not approved on the Ceconite STC.Although extremely flexible, Ranthane is also optimized for use on primed aluminum, steel, or composite surfaces. Ranthane is offered in 50 colors as presented on Randolph Color Card 2004. Ranthane has three separately packaged components that are mixed before application. ALL THREE COMPONENTS ARE REQUIRED and cannot be substituted: 1)Ranthane polyurethane paint, 2)AU-2X1 Catalyst, and 3)G-4200 Ranthane Thinner. SEE MIXING INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.


Gallons and quarts. Required components are as follows:

Gallon Components:

  • One gallon Ranthane polyurethane paint
  • Two quarts AU-2X1 Catalyst
  • One gallon G-4200 Ranthane Thinner. These components will yield over two gallons of sprayable Ranthane.

Quart Components:

  • One quart Ranthane polyurethane paint
  • One pint AU-2X1 Catalyst
  • One quart G-4200 Ranthane Thinner. These components will yield over two quarts of sprayable Ranthane.

Coverage: One gallon of mixed components (two gallons sprayable) will yield 300 square feet with one coat. See specific aircraft amounts in the rear of this manual.

Mixing: Mix two parts Ranthane with one part AU-2X1 and stir. Allow to sit for 20 minutes induction time before use.

Pot Life: Six hours, depending upon temperature and humidity. Thinning: Thin 33% with G-4200 Ranthane Thinner. As a rule of thumb, this is about 3 parts catalyzed Ranthane to one part G-4200 Ranthane Thinner. For best results, thin 33%, then spray a vertical surface test area with a moderate coat to insure that the film has no orange peel and is not too runny.



Ranthane may be applied directly over fabric surfaces when the Rand-0-Fill silver butyrate has dried at least 36 hours. More drying time is better. Epoxy primer should dry for one week over metal or composite surfaces before applying Ranthane. Applying Ranthane directly over fresh sub-coats may result in bubbles in the Ranthane from trapped sub-coat solvents.

Before committing to spraying a whole component, spray a vertical test area. If orange peel results, add more G-4200 Ranthane Thinner; if the test area results in runs, spray less. Spray a light coat; allow this coat to dry for 10 minutes or until tacky. Follow with a full coat, wet enough for coverage and color, but not heavy enough to run.Wait 45 minutes between coats. Two coats should be sufficient for color and hide. If you wait more than seven days between coats, lightly scuff the surface with an ultra-fine Scotch-Brite pad.

Dry Time: 30 to 45 minutes, depending upon temperature and humidity.Wait at least 24 hours before turning components on sawhorses to avoid damaging the fresh paint. To speed up drying, use 1 ounce of D-7201 Accelerator per quart of catalyzed Ranthane.

Shelf Life: Four years unopened. Insure contents are fully mixed before use.

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