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Stits Covering and Paint System MP4 Video Downloadable

Model Covering System Instructional Video - MP4 DOWNLOAD

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Now you can order our popular Stits covering & painting system instructional video (for model scale), and download an MP4 file as soon as you finish your check-out in the shopping cart.

Special Offer: Free when you order $199 or more, use this Coupon code (VIDEO-4) in your shopping cart or purchase it now for only $9.95.

Play this short clip to see what is covered in this one hour tutorial video

This video is a digital file served to you from our server that you download using a link sent in your email receipt and/or provided on the thank you page for you to download a MP4 digital video file. This file may be played on any video player installed on your computer or smartphone, and even a smart TV.

We redited the video with seven chapters, including an introduction to Stits Poly-Fiber covering and paint system by the founder/creator Ray Stits, presented by Captain Chip Mull, and Sam Wright. It teaches about all the products with the techniques for the application of aviation covering system, tips and tricks.

The video will show the process for:

  1. Applying the Fabric
  2. Heat Shrinking the Fabric
  3. Clean-up Tips
  4. Filling the Weave
  5. Stitching Detail
  6. Painting your work

We have sold thousands of copies of the physical DVD version, and we’re very happy to now make a downloadable product available that you can purchase and receive in minutes to view on any device which can use a video app. This includes smartphones and any computer, whether it’s a tablet, laptop or desktop…

Happy flying!

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